The top picture is a painting I did in the summer of 2011 of Claude Monet’s water garden. The bottom two pictures I took a year later standing in Monet’s water garden.

homework sketches

Did this in high school. At my open house I displayed all my high school art and asked my friends to pick out their favorite so I could make them a copy. Everyone picked this drawing. I think working on this drawing is what made me love pastels.

Well, it’s been awhile since I have been on here; too long. Then again art takes time and this project certainly took some time. It started as a final project for a fibers class. I realized early on that there was no chance of me finishing it before the deadline. So, I kinda put it on the backburner until I got around to it. I have a bad habit of doing that with my art projects. I come up with a good idea and start on it then I get frustrated or bored with it or maybe life just gets busy and before I know it months have gone by since I’ve even looked at it. Most of the time, I have several projects going on with several more fighting for attention in my head. I finally got around to this one. Each layer took an hour or so to finish. Needless to say I had to be very patient in waiting for it to even start to look like a vase. It was worth it in the end. Sometimes I just sit and look at all the work that went into making it. One thing’s for sure I won’t be doing a project like this for a while. The wire flowers inspired me to work more with that material.

This past weekend I went to the Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City. There were about 250 artists there and I was completely overwhelmed by talent that surrounded me like, Paul Freundt, Audrey Heller, Brad Ultican, Christos J. Palios and Ethan Jantzer to name a few. I was especially excited to see Mychal S. Mitchell’s handcrafted books. She was the only book maker down there and the first I’ve seen in person. Seeing all those beautiful books inspired me to pursue my own handcrafted books.